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  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Genres: House, Music, Dance
  • Release date: 2021-02-13
  • Tracks: 40
  • Duration: 27:33


PlayMirror Ball (Miguel Serrano Remix) by Jack Liberto (05:57)

PlayBig Monster by Simone Bica (07:27)

PlayLet Me Feel by Laurent Grant (07:50)

PlayTranspose by Jhonny Fernando (06:11)

PlayThe Ritual (Dan Pitch Remix) by Mirko Worz (06:05)

PlayHomegrown by Oner Zeynel (06:36)

PlayLook Around (Dub Mix) by Laurent Grant (06:30)

PlayFreak (No Vox Mix) by Simone Cristini (07:11)

PlayLimit (Max Sabatini & Alex B Remix) by Cristian Severi (07:11)

PlayDeep Lovely (David Calberson Remix) by Alex Patane’ (06:12)

PlayStereoscopic (Frato Remix) by Simone Cerquiglini (06:29)

PlayLost Points (Alex Patane’ Remix) by Mirko Worz (05:41)

PlayDeparture by Oner Zeynel (06:52)

PlayStard Dust by Dj Amon (06:59)

PlayCome Here (No Vox Mix) by Simone Bica (06:55)

PlayAfricanism by Mirko Worz (07:23)

PlayDark Chamber by Craig Boyd (06:25)

PlayLively by Alex Patane’ (06:21)

PlaySpace Train by Simone Bica (07:10)

PlayMan With Glasses by Simone Cristini (07:18)

PlayDisco Box by Mirko Worz (06:50)

PlayHigh Speed by Joe Maleda (08:41)

PlayThe Magic of the Moon by Simone Bica (07:00)

PlayFrequency (Simone Cerquiglini Remix) by Sam Gregory (05:22)

PlayMagic by Laurent Grant (06:25)

PlayRomantic by Alex Patane’ (05:22)

PlayCross the Line by Simone Cristini (07:14)

PlayCircus (Joe Maleda Remix) by John Gucci (06:04)

PlayStrong Panic by Simone Bica (07:02)

PlayFree Time by Oner Zeynel (06:38)

PlayDark Hole by Anthony Ray (07:02)

PlayOrganic Life by Noetic Curve (06:15)

PlayDowntribe by Simon Lunardi (06:31)

PlayOut of Space by Daniel Hecke (06:58)

PlayCreative Energy by Max Sabatini (07:06)

PlaySecret Room (Vito Raisi Remix) by Mirko Worz (05:31)

PlayEnergetic by Alex Patane’ (06:54)

PlayLast Chance by Nacim LaDJ (06:24)

PlayKnead My Beats by Billy Roger (06:58)

PlayLemonade by Leonardo Kirling (06:17)

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